We capture leads from over 100 impaired life insurance web sites that are managed and maintained by iLL. Each lead is fully inspected and verified before provided to you, if there is a problem with the lead such as an incorrect number or email address, we will replace the lead free of charge, no 'quibble'.

We collect Information from a range of partners that gather relevant details about consumers' health in accordance to GDPR Laws, we also generate leads through tailored campaigns through and specific impaired landing pages. All the enquirers have consented to being contacted and to have their details passed to a third party for the purposes of finding the best available product for their specific impairment.

We syphon out all customers who may provide hoax or fake information. iLL gives your advisors a much better chance of making a sale, which means they spend less time trying to contact leads and more time advising and selling - it’s just one factor that makes Impaired Life Leads unique.