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About coeliac disease

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition in which the small intestine becomes inflamed and doesn’t absorb nutrients properly from food. Sufferers of coeliac disease tend to experience bloating, abdominal cramping, pain and diarrhoea. Coeliac disease is caused by the body’s reaction to gluten, which is found in cereals such as rye, wheat and barley. It is also found in cakes, pasta, cereals, gravy, sauces and ready meals.

Other symptoms experienced by sufferers of coeliac disease include weight loss, feeling tired, rashes and itchy skin and ataxia. Those who suffer with the condition have an immune system that mistakes substances found in gluten as bad cells and attacks them. This leads to the lining of the small bowel becoming damaged, and affects a sufferer’s ability to absorb sufficient nutrients from their food.

There isn’t a single confirmed cause of coeliac disease, but it is thought that genetics and a person’s environment/lifestyle all play a part. People with certain genetic conditions such as Down’s syndrome have a greater chance of developing coeliac disease.

Insurers offering life insurance for coeliac disease

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune medical condition. Despite the unpleasant symptoms associated with the condition, those with coeliac disease are considered to live healthy lives with a normal lifespan. Many insurers therefore usually offer coeliac disease life insurance cover on standard terms without higher premiums. If your symptoms are severe, an insurer may put a slight increase on your premiums, but this depends on your circumstances. At iLL, we can help you find the right insurer for your needs.

Costs for coeliac disease life insurance premiums

As coeliac disease is an auto-immune condition but has no danger to life expectancy, you should expect to be offered cover with no additional premium rises. This will however depend on the severity of your coeliac disease, as some insurers may want to impose higher fees if your symptoms are acute. Every person’s application for life insurance is different, and an insurer’s response will depend on any medications you are taking and how often your symptoms impact on your daily life.

Prices from insurers will vary depending on who you speak to, which is why iLL is the right place to find the best coeliac disease life insurance specialist.
You may find that a loading fee is applied to your policy. This is an increase on the price you pay as a premium, depending on your level of risk to an insurer. While this is unlikely in the case of coeliac disease, if you have very severe symptoms and an insurer feels there is an element of risk associated with your application, a loading fee may be applied to cover this risk.
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Which companies offer coeliac disease life insurance?

iLL works with many of the UK’s leading coeliac disease life insurance providers. With our panel of FCA registered impaired life insurance specialists, you can receive quotes from more than one insurance broker to find the one that best suits your needs. Just submit your details through one of our quick and easy online forms to receive quotes and be specially matched against the UK’s leading FCA-regulated insurance providers. This should help you to find:

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  • An insurer that takes an understanding approach towards those with coeliac disease


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Further cover for coeliac disease life insurance

Critical illness cover for coeliac disease sufferers

People with coeliac disease generally live normal, healthy lives with typical lifespans. An insurer is likely to accept an application for critical illness cover if you have coeliac disease, as they will assess critical illness applications in the same way they do life insurance.

iLL’s policy comparison service can help you find the right cover. Every application is assessed differently, so fill in our simple form to get matched with a quote from the right approved and vetted insurer today. Our service is quick and simple to use, saving you time and money.

More information

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If you have an impairment or an auto-immune condition such as coeliac disease, it can be difficult to know where to find life insurance at affordable rates. At iLL, we like to save you money and make the purchasing of life insurance as quick and simple as possible. Just fill in our easy 30-second form with your details to be referred to our specialist impaired life insurance partners for coeliac disease life insurance.