At iLL, we understand that if you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you may feel a need to secure life insurance to bring you and your family peace of mind should anything happen to you. We have helped thousands of people with mental health conditions like bipolar disorder find cover that protects them and their families. Our unique comparison service and network of approved impaired insurance specialists can help you quickly and easily locate the best insurance policy for your needs.

About bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder affects a person’s mood, causing extreme mood swings that can appear out of character. Mood swings can jump from them feeling very low, with little or no energy (depression), to feeling an extreme high with endless amounts of energy (mania). Episodes of bipolar disorder and mood swings can last for up to several weeks, but this varies from person to person.

Some people with bipolar disorder experience depression first, with bipolar disorder being diagnosed some time later. Emergency help should be sought if a bipolar person is experiencing suicidal thoughts. Psychosis (hearing and seeing things that are not there), is also a common condition associated with bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder can be caused by life-changing events such as the death of a loved one, extreme stress, trauma and genetics. Treatments for the condition include medications to treat mania and depression, therapy and counselling and other lifestyle adjustments such as regular exercise, increased sleep and a healthier diet.

Insurers offering bipolar life insurance

You might be worried about whether your bipolar life insurance application will be accepted by an insurer. While many insurers will accept applications for bipolar disorder, some insurers can be cautious. All insurers have to underwrite applications they receive from customers looking for bipolar life insurance, and need to manage their level of risk. There are various factors that will affect whether or not you are accepted for bipolar life insurance, including your medical records, medications and current state of health.

iLL’s comparison service can help you find the right insurer that will accept applications for bipolar disorder. The bipolar disorder life insurance market is changing, with more policies available for those with the condition due to improvements in medical treatments to keep the condition under control, and an increased awareness of its effects.

Costs for bipolar life insurance premiums

Costs for bipolar life insurance will depend on the individual. An insurer will assess medications and treatment you are undertaking, whether you have had hospital admissions as a result of your bipolar disorder, when you were diagnosed, and whether you are taking your medication as directed. This will help determine the level of risk you pose to an insurer. An insurer may also want a medical report from your GP.
Prices from insurers will vary depending on who you speak to, which is why iLL is the perfect place to find the best bipolar life insurance specialist.
You may find that a loading fee is applied to your policy. This is an increase on the price you pay as a premium, depending on your level of risk to an insurer. For instance, if your bipolar is severe, you are not taking medications to control your symptoms correctly and you have had hospital admissions or suicidal thoughts, there is a great likelihood of you making a claim to an insurance company in future, so a loading fee may be applied to cover this risk.
At iLL, our specialist impaired life insurance partners and comparison service can help you find the right FCA-regulated life insurer that suits your needs, helping you to compare prices and find the right policy for bipolar life insurance for your protection requirements.

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Which companies offer bipolar life insurance?

iLL works with many of the UK’s leading bipolar life insurance providers. With our panel of FCA- registered impaired life insurance specialists, you can receive quotes from more than one bipolar life insurance broker. Fill your details into one of our simple online forms to receive quotes and be specially matched against the UK’s leading FCA-regulated insurance providers. This should help you to find:

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Further cover for bipolar life insurance

Critical illness cover for bipolar disorder sufferers

Just as with life insurance, critical illness cover with bipolar disorder completely depends on your circumstances. If you control your symptoms with medications and generally have mild symptoms, there are many insurers out there that will accept your application for critical illness cover. Securing cover may be more challenging if you have had suicide attempts, hospital admissions, and are not taking your medications as prescribed. You may have exclusions added to your policy in relation to suicide and other mental health conditions.
With iLL’s policy comparison service you can find the right insurer offering the cover you need. Fill in our simple form to get matched with a quote from the right approved and vetted insurer today. iLL can save you the time and hassle of searching the market for the right insurer.

Help and support

For more information, help and support about living with bipolar disorder, visit the following links:
Bipolar UK


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