How our Lead Provision Partnership Works

We capture leads from over 100 impaired life insurance web sites that are managed and maintained by iLL. Each lead is fully inspected and verified before provided to you, if there is a problem with the lead such as an incorrect number or email address, we will replace the lead free of charge, no 'quibble'.

We collect Information from a range of partners that gather relevant details about consumers' health in accordance to GDPR Laws, we also generate leads through tailored campaigns through and specific impaired landing pages. All the enquirers have consented to being contacted and to have their details passed to a third party for the purposes of finding the best available product for their specific impairment.

We syphon out all customers who may provide hoax or fake information. iLL gives your advisers a much better chance of making a sale, which means they spend less time trying to contact leads and more time advising and selling - it’s just one factor that makes Impaired Life Leads unique.

Spend More Time Selling Policies

What if your advisers could speak only to people who actually want to hear from them? Think how much more business you would do. Impaired Life Leads delivers live leads directly to your advisers, procured from strategic partners and premium internet-generated sources.

  • Our leads generate higher premiums
  • Customers provide a higher level of information about their health
  • Exceptional contact rates
  • Up to 40% conversion rates
  • ill provide sales support advice for advisors

Our Story

We have ran our own life insurance agency that depended on feeding good quality leads for our advisers. Running your own campaigns is hit and miss, expensive and takes and the emphasis away from running your agency.

We have the capability to generate over 50,000 leads per annum, our strength is digital lead generation we have a sole focus on impaired life insurance. You can be assured you will receive fresh live leads around the type of person you want to target, be it an early stage MS customer through to HIV clients, we generate over 1000 leads per week over 100 impairments.

Your Results

We make sure every lead you get is a genuine live lead, so our contact rates are outstanding:

  • All leads are checked
  • All numbers are checked
  • No quibble lead replacement service

The prospects are genuinely interested in your products and provide detailed information about their illness, which leads to higher premiums and commission payments from insurers.

Lead Types

For us providing quality leads to our customers is very important. We only provide leads in areas where we can make sure that the quality of our leads can be maintained. The areas we specialise in are:

  • Life Insurance
  • Impaired Life Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Critical Illness Protection
  • Health Insurance

If you are interested in leads in these areas, get in touch today.

Lead Fee Structure


25 Leads

£50 per qualified lead.

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50 Leads

£45 per qualified lead.

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100 Leads

£40 per qualified lead.

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